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"If a 'canned' class is the only option you have, then this is the one to pick........... "
~D. Edmondson, Expecting Magazine

"Having Your Baby!" is the only complete, step-by-step instructional childbirth preparation program that also includes footage of vaginal and Cesarean births, all on one DVD. It is the only DVD class that includes all the original, highly effective breathing techniques used in labor.

Taught by two Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educators, “Having Your Baby!” combines an old fashioned childbirth class with up-to-date information, state-of-the-art, computer generated 3-D animation, and plentiful footage of women and their partners in labor and giving birth. Now you can clearly see and understand how a baby is born.

Called the "Gold Standard" of Lamaze childbirth preparation, "Having Your Baby!" has sold more copies than all other childbirth videos combined.

It is the only program that teaches 5 breathing techniques and complete relaxation.

"Having Your Baby!" takes the camera directly from the classroom into the hospital, labor room and birthing room, allowing you to see, first-hand, discreet footage of women in labor , obstetrical procedures, epidurals, vaginal and Cesarean births and much more!

(Other DVDs consist of a person talking to a home video camera and pointing to vague diagrams which are difficult to see and impossible to understand.)

The more you see, and the more you know, the more confident and prepared you'll be for labor and birth. This program provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary to make educated and informed decisions about the birth of your baby.

All breathing techniques are conveniently condensed into one chapter for easy reference.

"Having Your Baby!" is a professionally produced program taught by Ronnie Hammond, MA RN LCCE. She is a Registered Nurse with a Master's Degree and is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator.

Some instructors just teach; Ronnie Hammond is both an educator and a labor and delivery registered nurse who has years of hands-on experience supporting and caring for women as they give birth. She is also a psychotherapist who views birth as one of life's most profound experiences. Ronnie brings together all her knowledge and hands-on experience to make this a unique, one-of-a-kind informative program.

"I borrowed Having Your Baby from the library during my last pregnancy. Even though we took childbirth classes through the hospital, the only techniques we used were what we learned from this DVD. It got us through without an epidural! So we are buying it now for this pregnancy. Thank you for a great program."
~R. Thomas

Instruction is easy and informative!

You will learn about:

What to Expect in LaborWorking With Your Coach
Relaxation Exercises
Five Different Breathing Techniques
Pain Management during Labor and Birth
Medical InterventionsComplete Cesarean Preparation

and much more...

Barnes & Noble editorial review:
Parents-to-be who can't fit Lamaze classes into their schedules, as well as been-there-done-that parents in need of a refresher course, will welcome Having Your Baby!, a polished, step-by-step instructional program. The two instructors are quite engaging and, more important, licensed obstetrical registered nurses who are both Lamaze-certified childbirth educators. The production complements its classroom segments with plentiful footage of the real thing: labor, vaginal and cesarean births, and all the obstetrical procedures a mother might face in delivery. Three-dimensional animations give the inside story, so to speak, affording viewers the knowledge necessary to handle the experience with confidence. Topics covered include: "What to Expect in Labor"; "Working with Your Coach"; "Lamaze Breathing Techniques"; "Lamaze Relaxation Exercises"; "Pain Management During Labor and Birth"; "Medical Interventions"; "Cesarean Preparation"; and more.

And if you're planning on an epidural,
we'll tell you all about that too!

“Childbirth classes are no longer available in our town. We had to find an effective way to prepare our patients for childbirth. After viewing all the dvds and videos on the market, we decided that ‘Having Your Baby!’ is definitely the best. The animation is excellent and describes what is happening during labor and birth perfectly. We have decided to make THIS DVD available to all our patients for childbirth preparation.” (click on photo for short video)
~Dr. Kelly Heron, OB GYN.

"Having Your Baby!" is an extremely enjoyable program to watch.

Rating: Excellent
Comments: "This is our first baby and I can't tell you how much at ease my wife is now that she viewed the video! She is not as nervous and neither am I! Showing both the "Natural" and "C-Section" births helped us visualize our own future child's birth in a more realistic way. We are very satisfied with the video!"

"If a 'canned' class is the the only option you have, then this is the one to pick as it includes a full discussion of what Lamaze is meant to accomplish and how it works, signs of labor, fetal monitoring, non-conforming labors, and other topics that would be included in a live class--all this on top of a very clear and thorough presentation of Lamaze techniques and footage of vaginal and Cesarean births."
~D. Edmondson "Expecting Magazine"

"Having Your Baby!" is highly recommended by leading medical professionals worldwide. 
"I rank your video as the best overall childbirth video for completeness of information, accuracy and up-to-date information, multicultural diversity of couples and fabulous camera footage of vaginal and cesarean birth and various, related obstetrical procedures. I have been looking for a video such as this for a long time."
~Joy Williams, RN, CCE, IBCLC, DONA
Women's College, Toronto

For people who find it difficult to attend prepared childbirth classes, this exceptional, best-selling, instructional video will teach you how to remain calm and relaxed throughout labor and birth.

Please note: Don't let anyone tell you to forget about taking a "live" childbirth class and that a class on video or DVD is better. It is always best, if you can do it, to take an excellent childbirth preparation class from a qualified, certified instructor - the key here is to find a good class taught by a good instructor! To find a live class, please contact Lamaze International.

For people who find it difficult or impossible to attend prepared childbirth classes, or who are dissatisfied with the class they took, this instructional program provides an excellent alternative.

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hospitals women's health centers childbirth educators physiciansover 50,000 women and their partners

With "Having Your Baby!" you'll be sure to get the finest childbirth education available --even if you can't get to class.

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